About us

Medical Tourism is growing all over the world.

Our mission is to eradicate waiting lists around the world.

We see a world where waiting lists are a thing of the past.


We aim to ease demand of an ever-growing list of patients waiting to be seen by a busy, local doctor by partnering with hospitals and medical clinics.

Wotmed adds value and provides transparency by conducting 3rd party verification of medical professionals locally and abroad. This enables patients to find the best medical practitioners and the finest doctors worldwide.


Help us build our community by writing a review of a doctor, clinic or hospital. Your experience can benefit someone else. 

We currently have an extensive list of JMC accreditted hospitals but are looking to expand further by partnering with pathologies, pharmacies and the like. If you are interested in registering, contact us as we can assist with growth using focused hyper-marketing.

Wotmed also helps governments partner with private hospitals in other countries around the world.