Cheap Dental. But is the outcome cheap?

Cheap is a misleading word. It’s only cheap because the cost of living is so low. However, you are paying more than the locals with some of the excellent talents who trained in your backyard!

Starting to search for dental alternatives is the start of a mini-research project. Where do you go? Who is the ‘best’? (read why we don’t like the term ‘best’ but why it’s the best term) Who is ‘cheap’?

Cheap implies to most that something is of a lower quality, however, when you visit the clinics in countries other than your home, it’s easy to see you aren’t getting cheap work. To add to the case for why you aren’t getting ‘cheap’ dental, so many doctors and nurses have either been educated or trained in countries like United Kingdom, Australia, America and so on.

So they speak your language, trained in your country to become a Dentist or Doctor, and then took that skill and knowledge back home to provide a better quality of care. The benefit to you, a holiday and quality care.

You may have started to look because the cost is too high, or you have to wait too long to get seen. This is many times the case why individuals head to places like Costa Rica, Turkey or Thailand for dental health. Years ago standards weren’t the same as at home, but as many have regaled, the quality of outcome was excellent and they continue to go back year after year.

Everyone is now seeking better deals and faster service. The globalizing of everything is pandering to this significantly and having awesome benefits. And it’s not just dental, many who need surgery but can’t get seen to soon enough or can’t afford because they don’t have insurance. So you see, Medical Travel really does have a weighty punch for those who want to lead healthy lives.

The cost of living is lower, so wages, rent, and services aren’t as expensive. This impacts the cost of everything, so what they service or produce is very competitive in the global market. Many medical professionals take all sorts of accreditations, degrees, and masters in countries like the UK, Australia, and the US so that they can go back to their home country and work against the phase of ‘brain drain’ which has been cited many times over the years.

Someone known to us was quoted thousands for dental work in Australia. They thought that even though there was a lot of work to do, the amount quoted was really almost a months salary. She then decided to actually fly to Thailand and meet some dentists before committing to seeing anyone in particular. You have to think for a moment, how much effort goes into booking flights and hotels to just go and research who you want to work on your teeth.

Are they any good? Well, think about it like this. The majority of medical professionals who are advertising online are in business. They enjoy a decent standard of living while helping people. Of course there are a few who aren’t accredited or insured but for the most part, and this ‘reputation economy’ we are in, most dentists and medical professionals in business, want you to come back. Not only that but also tell all your friends too!

Have you had dental work or other health services done in a country other than your home? Share it with the community of Medical Travellers, your story may be just what someone is looking for!

Of course, now you don’t need to fly to Thailand to research, there are plenty of reviews online, and also tools like Wotmed to have a seamless interaction with your dentist before you fly.

Additionally, if you are considering heading overseas for dental care do let us know if you would be interested in a specialist Medical Travel Insurance – it’s different to normal Travel Insurance which includes ’emergency medical cover’, read more here