Bioscor International Melbourne

  • 182 Huntingdale Road, Oakleigh East VIC 3166, Australia
  • +61 3 9544 7429
  • 9.00-17.30 week days - Saturdays 9.00-12.00 - Sunday closed


Bioscor International is a global group of aesthetic clinics, providing the latest medically and clinically proven aesthetic solutions for our clients.

Our dedicated team of doctors, nurses, dermal therapists and consultants will strive to provide you with the most professional care from your first consultation through to gaining your desired outcome. Our firm commitment to delivering exceptional customer service means we aim to educate you on your options so that well-informed decisions can be made.



Dr. Alan Ong, founder of Bioscor International was an early sufferer of severe Male Pattern Hair Loss. He began losing his hair at a young age of 19, and by 26, he was completely bald. Unsatisfied with the lack of natural hair loss treatments available, Dr. Ong took it upon himself to find ways to regrow hair. Through years of extensive research and experiments, Dr. Ong developed a highly effective formula and treatment plan and thus, became one of the first pioneers of hair regrowth treatments in the country.



Dr. Ong’s daughter, Dr. Amanda Ong (MBBS Monash), also shares his passion for hair regrowth. Having been a vital part of Bioscor International since 2004, Dr. Amanda Ong has helped Bioscor expand further into skincare and aesthetic medicine. Her keen interest led her to develop Bioscor’s own cosmeceutical skincare range to bridge the gap between ineffective over-the-counter skincare and active prescriptive skin products.

Renowned for her professionalism, attention to detail and eye for aesthetic beauty, Dr. Amanda Ong is sought after by both patients and those within the cosmetic industry alike. She is an advanced trainer for two of Australia’s largest Dermal Filler suppliers, regularly training and teaching other Doctors and Nurse injectors, establishing herself as one of the top cosmetic physicians in the country.

Results matter, and we are here to help you achieve them safely.

We understand that individual patients have different needs and concerns regarding their aesthetic appearance. We have the right skills, knowledge and experience to help you.


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3 Reviews

  1. SalmanSalman
    29 Aug 2019

    Bioscor International in Oakleigh, Melbourne, provides the best customer service that I have ever seen. I did my skincare and botox treatments from Clair and Dr Amanda Ong respectively. The experience was amazing and the outcome was even better. They also provide their in-house skin products which are great for sensitive skin and provided me with the confidence and trust of their brand.

  2. ReinaldoReinaldo
    29 Aug 2019

    Super friendly staff. They definitely know their stuff. Couldn’t believe the results and how easy it is with their program. 100% recommend. 5 stars guys, thank you!

  3. Christine Fletcher-walkerChristine Fletcher-walker
    Christine Fletcher-walker
    23 Oct 2019

    I have been extremely pleased with my hair results after loosing my confidence due to hair thinning and hair loss. Dr Ong and Claire have continued to support me back in the UK after my initial online consultation. My hair was once see through and now feels fuller/ thicker/ stronger and I have new hair growth.
    I am very pleased and would certainly recommend.