Maple Croft Dental Practice

Maple Croft Dental Practice

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  1. ChristianChristian
    13 Aug 2019

    My family had been coming to this Dental Clinic since the early ’80s. At the time it was run by Roger Whittingham – excellent and well-regarded Dentist.

    Many years later Adam has taken over the clinic and like normal I was a little nervous about going; I had pain in my tooth, an old filling fell out and I left it. Too long.

    Adam was very professional, swift and informative and also started to do what I liked Roger doing; explaining what we were going and a little general chat. It might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but I really like it.

    Interesting for me, seeing as I have been away from the UK for many years. Adam had to talk me through an extensive checklist of what may or may not happen if he does work on my teeth. A little confronting but I was actually glad to have the opportunity to talk over a couple of points.

    I might have waited about 10 minutes to get it in, but once in, he got straight to work so not to prolong any pain. Very good.