About Face and Skin

  • 2 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC, Australia

Melbourne’s premier bulk-billed mole, SCC, BCC, melanoma and skin cancer clinic.

Skin/mole clinic is located downstairs, in the basement of the Alcaston House building.

Other medical clinics located on floors above.

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One Review

  1. AdamAdam
    Adam (Listing owner)
    08 Sep 2019

    I had a rather large mole on the side of my face that was bothering me, so under the advice of some family and friends, I decided to go get it checked out. I stumbled upon this clinic after researching through google and the availability of the booking was earliest amongst the rest, plus they bulk-billed, so it was a plus. Andrea, the receptionist was really helpful as she was prompt in responding to my many inquiries through email. On the day itself, Dr Bartniki was really helpful and knowledgable in our consultation before the procedure. It turned out the mole on my face was actually just a large wart. And it wasn’t cancerous, which I convinced myself was, phew! The whole ordeal finished up quicker than expected and just for my assurance, they sent the wart to a lab to make sure it was just, well, a plain ol’ wart. Whilst I was there, i thought i might as well shoot my questions and ask him to check all the moles on my body that potentially worried me and he was happy to check and dismiss them as nothing. Overall, my experience here at this clinic was very good. Despite the little hiccup where I received a mail for a fee from the lab test. I called Andrea and she helped cleared it up for me without a hassle. Would definitely come back here again if ever a paranoia-inducing mole, probably a wart, pop its head up again.