Vermont Private Hospital

  • Vermont South VIC, Australia

Vermont Private Hospital

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2 Reviews

  1. Valerie, Point CookValerie, Point Cook
    Valerie, Point Cook
    25 Aug 2019

    Out of the blue, I received a facebook questionnaire regarding hip and knee replacements.
    Initially, I thought it was spam but decided to follow it up as it’s terribly pertinent to my ailing condition which has been ongoing now for the last two years and have only recently come to accept that I may need surgery (go figure, I guess facebook is good for something).
    It turns out the facebook survey was for a seminar run by a Dr Daevyd Rodda who operates out of a number of hospitals including Vermont Private Hospital. I was able to secure a place at the seminar at short notice as it was all confirmed online for me (which is not bad for a pensioner) ?
    I feel so much better about my options after the seminar. Dr Rodda made things simple and explained how new technologies called MyKnee4me developed by Medacta give you the best chance of painless success as the replacement is specifically modeled and customised to match the ‘original’.
    So finally, now I am feeling more comfortable and coming to terms with the fact that surgery may be my only way forward, however, I do feel more equipped to make that decision.

  2. ostemedaostemeda
    10 Oct 2020

    I had a very good experience with the staff and the facility.